Yukyuk: the blog!
Daily hallucinations wrought in ink and pixel.
Yukyuk: the blog
Flash Interactive Cartoons
Free, all original animated cartoon games to click and play.
Make 'em dance to the music any way you want.
Johnny Skank Heavy Melvin Elfin Emily Shamanic Reginald Dancing Benny  
The Beetleboy's Quest
Help the Beetleboy explore his bizarre world in search of his runaway roly-poly.
The Beginning The Pasturelands The Marsh The Sphinx The Forest Curly Grass Meadow
Cat Cartoons
Weird flash cat cartoons inspired by personal experience.
Zen Cat Box Cat and Mouse Ear Creatures T-Shirt    
Fingo-Ho's Experiments
You can participate in the esoteric experiments of a Bio-Alchemist.
Renown bioalchemist Dr. Fingo-Ho invites you to tinker with his experiment in plant genetics. Hmmm...wonder what this experiment does?  Click the switches and find out, but watch out, this experiment is untested and can be nasty. Even protégé tryouts can't stop the ill-humored Dr. Fingo-Ho from treating us to a close-up micoscopic view of strangeness. Explore Dr. Fingo-Ho's laboratory uninvited.    
Botanical Engineering Bio-Jelly Microviews Dr. Fingo-Ho's Lab    
Natural Wonders of the Known World
Interact with Fabulous Wonders and Fractious Students in Prof. Nanweep's Lecture Series.
The first of Prof. Nanweep's lectures on the "Natural Wonders of the Known World." Play your own tune on the "Lava Flute". The lecture series continues as Prof. Nanweep reveals a Wonder of unequalled pathos. Prof. Nanweep and Mr. Furd describe the aquatic wonders of the Western Islands. An exchange student steals the show in this installment of Nanweep's lecture series. Prof. Nanweep takes us into the thick of battle to explain a Wonder of political significance. Dr. Fingo-Ho substitutes as a mycological Wonder is explained.
Lava Flute Monoliths of Sog Rainbow Waterspouts Exchange Student Anthill Islands Balloon Fungi
Unclassifiable Silly Cartoon Doo-dads
Beyond categorization.
Perfecting a state of "no-mind" takes years of practice and discipline...and it helps if people aren't always clicking on you too Make him flip. He flips and flips. Flip, flip, flip He's a drummer. He's a metronome. Play your favorite instrument along with him This prototype for an web advertising company helped win the Absolut account Like...far out man Witness piercing, overindulgence, and awkward introductions as Mr. Furd and friends unwind
Meditatus Interruptus Flippo Metronome Absolut Frick Lester-in-the-Sky Party at Mr. Furd's
Web Cartoons & Animations
Bizarre and silly web comics A mysterious guide to fungal diversity Witness the angelic visions of a latin housewife Funny animated coral reef creatures A silly animated redwood tree cartoon  
Xylene Dream Fungi Rabbit 2000 Los Angeles de Carmenita Chad's Reef Millenium Advent Calendar  
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