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In the mid-1990’s the internet was a wild new frontier where most everything was free. To a young cartoonist working in San Francisco in what we called the “multimedia industry", the lure was irresistible. I got hooked on the idea of creating a new type of cartoon and a new type of ‘zine for the web. The result was Yukyuk.com and the Yukyuk “interactive” cartoons.

The Yukyuk cartoons got a lot of attention after helping launch Macromedia’s (now Adobe’s) Shockwave.com website, and were a part of Hotwired.com, France Telecom’s GOA.com, Thomson Newspapers’ (now Thomson-Reuters) Freezone.com and others. I still enjoy sporadically adding new stuff to Yukyuk.com, and I still stick to that early internet ideal, offering it all free to you, the world.

The new millenium has led me to expand into other media (stained glass, plush dolls, acrylics on canvas) where I’m still working to vent my passions for bizarre, cute characters, fantasy, and botany. You can check out my portfolio/gallery site at http://www.chadfrick.net.

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