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Old Potato's Beetle Memory Game
  The Old Potato's
Beetle Memory Game

Game Instructions:
Click on tiles to find matching pairs. Game is complete when all the tiles have been revealed.

Is it a beetle?
Beetles are insects from the order Coleoptera. You can distinguish a beetle from other types of insects by the straight line down their back where their wing covers meet. Oh boy, there are a ton of pretty beetles in the world, so learning to recognize and love beetles will surely fill your heart with a never-ending flow of six-legged joy.

Here are some of the types of beetles you can find in The Old Potato's Beetle Memory game.
SOFT-WINGED FLOWER BEETLES: Soft bodies, often hairy and wedge-shaped. Look for them on flowers.
FLAT BARK BEETLES: Bodies very flat, brown, black, or red. Look for them under bark or in rotting plant material.

DUNG BEETLES: Beefy beetles with 'clawed' feet and sometimes a horn. Look for them in cow or horse poop, or under logs.
LADYBIRD BEETLES: Small, round, brightly colored, come on guys, you know these ones. Look for them on plants.
FIRE-COLORED BEETLES: Super-fancy antennae that branch or have little projections coming off of them. Look for them on plants and flowers.
LONG-HORNED BEETLES: Super long antennae, often longer than their body. Look for them on trees and flowers.

SNOUT BEETLES (weevils): Antennae a sharp bend or 'elbow'; head usually with a long snout. Super-common. Look for them on fruit, stored grain, and plants.

DERMESTID BEETLES: Oval beetles with short antennae. often with scales or hair covering making colorful little patterns on their bodies: Look for them in stored food, carpets, furniture, and insect collections!
NOT A BEETLE: This is actually a thorn bug, which is naturally camouflaged as a thorn. Look for them in the tropics on twigs.
LITTLE, UNINDENTIFIABLE BEETLES: sooo little. Maybe not even a beetle. Don't worry about it.

TORTOISE BEETLES: Little turtle-like, round beetles. Look for them on flowers and plants.
SOLDIER BEETLES: Thread-like antennae, black, brown or yellow with spots. Look for them on flowers or leaves.

OK, so I totally made these ones up. That beige one even has butterfly antennae, but there are a TON more kinds of super cool beetles that I haven't mentioned here. Lots and lots of them haven't even been discovered yet.


All contents copyright 1997-2013 by Chad Frick. All rights reserved.

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